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BIG DREAMS & BIG GOALS: When we started our practice in 2001 we were enthusiastic and filled with grandiose visions of how great it was going to be to run our own business. We were going to do it our way and be impactful on our community and profession. We would excel clinically while becoming well known for offering the best physical therapy services around. We also had aspirations of building a successful practice that would reward us for the hard work and long hours, for caring more, for delivering better outcomes, and for going above and beyond with our patients.

Over the first three years we accomplished our goal of becoming very well known for providing exceptional physical therapy and having a great reputation in our community. Because of our clinical success and reputation, the practice grew rapidly. However this growth did not come with the business success that we had envisioned, and then reality hit us!

PROUD OF OUR SUCCESS, BUT BURNT OUT! In spite of reaching our practice mission of providing great PT, the stress factor began to outweigh the excitement we once enjoyed as business owners. We forged ahead telling ourselves “it would get better” but it didn’t and it became a grind. We found ourselves frustrated with getting our staff to perform like we did, concerned with the increased difficulty with getting referrals due to controlled referral patterns, scared of the constant reimbursement threats and cutbacks, and on and on. Our stresses progressed over the next three years and we even contemplated whether it was all really worth it! Our patients were doing great and we were very proud of our success in the treatment room, but we were not having fun with all of the other responsibilities associated with running a private practice in the current healthcare industry.

THE BEGINNING OF THE ‘TURN-AROUND': While searching for solutions to our problems, we realized that being an awesome physical therapist did not ensure our success in our practice, nor did it liberate us from the stress associated with operating a successful, smooth-running business. After battling the feeling that “this is just what running a private practice is like” (the same challenges most practice owners we knew were experiencing), we came to the realization that we would need to be as good at running a business as we were at treating our patients. We dedicated ourselves to whatever it took to be successful in private practice, not to just keep doing what everyone else was doing. As we learned how to really run a business and we began transforming our organization into a business model that was designed to handle the problems most practice owners faced – our practice exploded! Since this realization we have grown from one to 14 clinics in 2015! Better yet, we were having fun again! Our enthusiasm and excitement came screaming back and we were rejuvenated on our original goals and purposes for going into private practice!

SHARING OUR SUCCESS: Our journey and eventual breaking free of the “grind of running a private practice” enlightened a passion within to help other private practice owners and aspiring private practice owners. When we looked broadly across private practice it became glaringly apparent: 1) Most private practice owners are superior PT’s and some of the most skilled and dedicated professionals, but are not knowledgeable with regard to handling a business; 2) Most private practice owners try to handle their business problems by increasing their clinical competency; 3) Most private practice owners are consumed with the demands of their practice and don’t have the time to learn the business side of the game; 4) Gaining the full spectrum of skills needed to run a private practice and succeed in a progressively restricting healthcare environment is daunting and overwhelming; 5) When the right things are done, private practice can succeed and flourish!

THE CREATION OF HEALTH & REHAB SOLUTIONS, INC. (HRS): I read a quote from Jim Glinn Jr., PT that said “We can own our science but if we don’t own our employment it won’t matter.” This couldn’t be more true in our opinion! Yet the average private practice owner is struggling. Our belief that private practice needs to succeed for our profession to be healthy led to the inception of Health & Rehab Solutions, Inc. (HRS). Until recently many private practice owners could survive with a lot of hard work and by being a great physical therapist. This is no longer the case. With reimbursement going down and the current trends in the healthcare environment, it will be imperative that private practice owners know how to run a business.

Health & Rehab Solutions, Inc. (HRS) was formed to serve as a vehicle to replicate our highly successful practice model, help private practice owners and aspiring private practice owners overcome the common pitfalls of running a private practice, create practice environments where the best physical therapists can excel and flourish professionally, and contribute to our health as a profession by advancing private practice.

EXPERIENCE A HEALTHY, THRIVING BUSINESS NOW! How different can it be? The last practice we acquired was run by a private practice owner with over two decades of ownership experience. The practice had a great reputation and the owner worked diligently to provide a good environment for the staff. However the practice was not growing and had even contracted from its peak. Within three months of joining with HRS the practice saw rapid expanision and literally doubled the patient volumes and revenues after implementing our proven model.

See how partnering with HRS can change your practice and help you realize your goals as a current practice owner or aspiring practice owner. Please visit our “Getting Started” page and fill out the brief questionnaire for a professional analysis. This assessment is FREE and takes no more than a few minutes to complete.


Our Satisfied Partners

We are extremely proud of the feedback we have received from our partners and look forward to many more success stories! Partner with us and we will add your story.


Meet Samantha…

“After partnering with HRS, I acquired a clinic of 13 years with two locations and we grew it by over 70% in the first two months of owning it! All of the training I have received has been tremendous in realizing this growth with my clinics. There is no doubt in my mind that any clinic I open with HRS will be highly successful.”

Dr. Samantha Modderman, PT, DPT


Lake Health & Rehab,?Montana

Our Philosophy

The mission of Health & Rehab Solutions, Inc. (HRS), is to create physical therapist owned practices renowned for business success and healthcare excellence. Through HRS’s expert guidance and specialized business model, practices will overcome the barriers hindering private practice and will flourish in the current and future healthcare environment.

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