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BY PARTNERING WITH US,?you gain competitive advantage and receive the following benefits:

  • Access to and the implementation of a business technology that is comprehensive with regards to running and expanding a business.
  • How to run an Executive Division with proper goal setting and strategic planning.
  • How to recruit, train and maintain staff and get them to be a highly productive team.
  • How to handle with skill the Finance of the organization, including the ability to collect on money owed to the company as well as knowing how to handle that money once collected so that the organization is solvent and the owners/shareholders are building wealth.
  • How to run a smooth, productive and efficient rehab division.
  • How to enhance your groups performance both clinically and administratively.
  • How to effectively and artfully market your practice so that you have a consistent and heavy flow of new business.
  • Gain the abilities needed to create and develop a practice that is truly viewed as a leader in your community and within the PT profession. To be part of a group that is looking to find and create the future of the PT profession.

We can also help you:

  • Handle personnel so that they work as a team, ethical and are an asset to the organization.
  • Identify and handle difficult and non-compliant staff.
  • Raise the skills and competency of your therapists to a level that is well above the industry norm.
  • Make corrections to the company that allow for bad situations to be easily handled.
  • Create the public relations image that allows you to be both known as the best and for marketing actions to work.
  • Gain knowledge and access to the development and use of new services that allow for the repositioning and evolution of how physical therapy fits within the healthcare arena.
  • By representation on a statewide and/or national level with efforts on advocacy for the reform and policies that are needed in order for PT to be well positioned within the healthcare arena.
  • Feel secure by being part of a large group that is able to be more dynamic and active with healthcare reform and not be as threatened by the constant changes and cutbacks.
  • Gain access to purchasing power with vendors.
  • Gain access to favorable third party contracts.

Make Your Own Check-List:

Our partnership programs will guarantee a steady and successful increase in your business and allows you time to assimilate these changes over the landscape of your practice. Get started today and realize a significant boost and growth in your business that will dramatically affect your future!

As an active participant and partner in growing your company and taking you to new levels of excellence – we openly invite you to challenge us with your own “checklist” of what more we can do for you!

If we have missed anything in our “Checklist” to the left, or if you have a new challenge unique to your private practice, just let us know! Check us on it!

Our Philosophy

The mission of Health & Rehab Solutions, Inc. (HRS), is to create physical therapist owned practices renowned for business success and healthcare excellence. Through HRS’s expert guidance and specialized business model, practices will overcome the barriers hindering private practice and will flourish in the current and future healthcare environment.

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