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THANKS FOR YOUR INTEREST in our growing company, Health & Rehab Solutions! hrs-pic-007This is one of the most strategic and interesting times in healthcare, and we have worked diligently to provide an extraordinary business model that will not only improve your company’s efficiency, but increase profitability and balance to your corporate environment.

We started a practice in 2001 at a time when running a private practice really started to become more difficult due to the effects of declining reimbursement, significantly increased cost to run a practice, the insurgence of competition and physician owned practices, as well as the trend for large corporations to dominate the local medical community by controlling referral patterns and employment. All this significantly impinging on the private practice owner.

However, this challenging environment actually had a positive side as well. The situation forced us to really face these barriers and figure out how to overcome these negative aspects in order to expand and flourish. We saw many private practice owners becoming more discouraged with running a practice, more fearful with the future holding uncertainty, and more angry and frustrated with the seemingly endless cutbacks, restrictions and increased regulations.

Let’s face it, most practice owners do not find running their operation fun. It can be stressful and overwhelming. However, there was a time when they were enthusiastic and excited about being in business for themselves and providing physical therapy at a level few others did. Here is the good news: When you know how to overcome the barriers mentioned above you can feel this way again.

Our purpose is to help private practice owners successfully handle their business and industry challenges so they can rekindle that excitement with physical therapy and get back on track with their goals associated with clinic ownership.

We also believe that the survival and success of private practice is critical to the health of our profession. I read a quote by Jim Glinn, PT, with regard to the PT profession, “We can own our science, but it won’t matter if we don’t own our employment.” This could not be more true! Private practice owners need to beat the current trends and overcome the barriers that are making it harder for private practice to make it.

I encourage you to read more about the formation of HRS at “Our Story”.

Here’s to your future success,

Blaine Stimac, CEO

Professional Therapy Associates

Health & Rehab Solutions


Beating the Trend

Things are looking up! At HRS, we believe the proof is in the numbers! Patient volume growth in our Northwest Montana practice: Growth of over 300 patient visits per week in just 13 months!


Our Philosophy

The mission of Health & Rehab Solutions, Inc. (HRS), is to create physical therapist owned practices renowned for business success and healthcare excellence. Through HRS’s expert guidance and specialized business model, practices will overcome the barriers hindering private practice and will flourish in the current and future healthcare environment.

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